Title: Source Energy Creations
Artist: Solar Spectrum
Label: Power House Records
Catalogue: Pwrcd012
Format: Jewel Case 2 panel CD
Barcode: 881034111173
Release: June 2013


01 - 9th Wave
02 - African Star
03 - Energetic Particles
04 - Super Groover
05 - Universe
06 - Ola Catuaba
07 - Higher Dimensions
08 - Deep Connections
09 - Stereophonic Senses


Power House Records is extremely excited to present this groundbreaking album from none other than world famous progressive goa psytrance megastar, Solar Spectrum. Co-founder of the legendary psy/goa act Rastaliens and solo member of the extremely well established Braincell project, Ralph Freund is here to share his vision: "Source Energy Creations" is a slightly different album than my earlier releases. I would like to thank all the people out there who listen to my music, enjoy it, dance to it, helped me to get there where I am now.
I would also like to thank all those people around the globe I met during my travels, who shared in the same ideas and perspectives, who wrote music with me. I thank the universe for all that I have experienced and also for whatever will come up next. This special album is dedicated to Andrea & Zwerg - Au aroha koe Best wishes to you all, big love!!!

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

"Source Energy Creations"
recorded and produced by Ralph K. Freund@Braincell Studio
mastered by

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