5th (CD, Digital, Album) BooM! Rec. (2013)
Intelligent Being (CD,Digital, Album) Free Spirit Records (2010)
Frequency Evolution (CD, Album) Glowing Flame Records (2008)
Transformation Of Reality (CD, Album) Glowing Flame Records (2007)
Universal Language (CD, Album) - Glowing Flame Records (2005)

Duality (CD, Comp) Space Attack (Braincell Remix) Glowing Flame Records (2005)

Compilations / EPs:
Spiral Energy - Goa Productions (2014)
Illusion & Reality EP, BooM! Rec. (2013)
Human Transformation Vol.2 - Space Alchemy Lab (2013)
13 - Blue Hour Sounds (2013)
Mysteries of psytrance Vol.3 - Ovnimoon Rec. (2013)
KUI V/A - Braincell/Solar Spectrum - Goa Productions (2012)
Echos from outer space EP - Holographic Brain - (Digital) Free Spirit Records (2012)
Psychedelicious EP - (Digital) Free Spirit Records (2012)
Dust n Dirt EP - (Digital) Free Spirit Records (2010)
Free-Spirit Vol. V - Mutual Reality (CD, Comp) Free-Spirit Records (2010)
Culture Vulture (CD, Comp, Dig) Vertigo Records (2010)
Temple Of One (CD, Comp) Glowing Flame Records (2009)
Frogology - Tribe Of Frog (CD, Comp) Frogadelic Records (2009)
Little Worlds (CD, Comp) Glowing Flame Records (2008)
From Crack Of Dawn To The Break Of Day (CD, Comp) Psylight Records (2008)
Civilization And Transcendance (CD, Album) Glowing Flame Records (2008)
The Well Of Enchanted Sounds (CD, Comp) Glowing Flame Records (2007)
Sidewinder (CD) Phar Psyde Records (2007)
Get Your Wonk On (CD, Comp, Dig) Sonic Dragon Records (2007)
Freaks Don't Play Tricks (Cass, Promo) Sun Station (2007)
Psylight Xplosion (CD, Comp) Northern Psylight Records (2006)
Imaginarity (CD, Comp) Glowing Flame Records (2006)
Parsec (CD, Comp) Oxygen Records (2005)
Duality (CD, Comp) Glowing Flame Records (2005)

and more...