Braincell has been taking the psychedelic festivals by storm during the summer of 2013, rocking the dancefloors with his new album. This album is a keypoint in his musical journey. A journey that has been an ongoing process of creating learning, finetuning and tweaking. The resulting energy and experience reach apotheosis in this album, which is his best so far. Full-on pumping beats and psychedelic, driven leads.

Braincell’s 5th.

Nine tracks with driven basslines, psychedelic leads and pumping beats to keep you and the floor rocking all night. The downtempo Setting Things Three will help you let off steam and chill out so you can get ready for the next spin...

1. Earthlinked
2. Clash of Power (vs Audioform)
3. Distorted Energy
4. Melting Point
5. Circles
6. Tricky Trippy
7. Space Union
8. New Cycle
9. Waverider (cd only)
10. Setting Things Free (cd only)

All tracks written and produced by:
Ralph K. Freund

Equipment used on the album:
Native Instruments, Ableton Live, Access Virus TI, Moog Animoog, U-HE, Rob Papen, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, AudioDamage, Sinevibes, DiscoDSP, Nomad Factory, Spectrasonics, ESP Guitar on "Setting Things Free" and more.

Mastered by:
Paul McCosh @ VivaSound, Australia


“We are happy to present you a mind-boggling live set by BRAINCELL he sent to the radiOzora listeners this month featuring lots of unreleased tunes from the forthcoming album! Saturday 8pm CET on the Trance channel.
Braincell - who used to be a founding member of the legendary Rastaliens project - is one of the most innovative psychedelic trance artists nowadays who not only rocks worldwide dancefloors with his full-on oriented psytrance madness but also running a side-project for progressive sounds called Solar Spectrum. Both of the projects incorporated retrodelic goatrance vibes and fusionating it with the latest hi-tech sound. The forthcoming, fifth studio album of Braincell called "5th" is coming out soon at Boom! Records but the radiOzora listeners can get a sneak peak into it right away, since most of the tracks in this mix are from the upcoming album.”