What does December mean to you? For those lucky southern hemisphere residents it is all about summer, north of the equator it’s keeping warm and enjoying the festive season.

But for me the only thing that matters is the release of Braincell’s full-length album Intelligent Being on December 1 and after that nothing else matters.

For those not in the know, where the hell have you been? But I’ll cut you some slack and give you the run down. Braincell is studio monster Ralph K Ralph, working out of the psy mecca of Switzerland, and Free Spirit Records is the mixing bowl that is sourcing the finest ingredients from around the globe to produce dance-floor devastation.

Whilst those in the know already know that a taster in the form on an EP of Dirt n Dust was released by Free Spirit Records in October and if you have a hunger for psychedelic twisting leads and full-on driven beats like I do it will have left you satisfied but wanting more. That wait though is now over and maybe you and I can go concerning ourselves with other, admittedly less important things.