Do you experience the world of your fellow-creatures exactly as they do or you just think you do? Do you maybe think that the way you experience the world around and inside you is the only possible experience? And does all this awakens a desire for a quest through this unknown dimension of seeing, feeling and experiencing things the way you never did before? cos if does Ralph K. aka Braincell (Rastaliens) is back again to shaken up the very foundations of our world. Transformation of reality is the next level of evolution of this brilliant musician and it is a highly electrifying, mind-bending array of carefully blended frequencies that completely work for both the dance-floor freak and the attentive listener.

This eleven-track timeline of mystical and atmospheric sounds, groovy bass lines, creepy noises and freaky melodies is an amazing diversity yet a perfect continuity of moods that gives it a sense of a story-like flow and a place in every collection of contemporary psychedelia.